About us

We love photography, love Japan's history, love Japanese Samurai and love foreign people of different cultures.

"My favorite Japan" introduces various scenes in Japan to abroad. Japan's history began 18,000 years ago of the Jomon period. Now Japan becomes a beautiful nature countrry with mountains and rivers and seas. Mega cities like Tokyo or Osaka are exciting places to live, and other cities are cozy places to live with relax.

We are focusing on the broad area surrounding Tokyo, in particularly a historic and beautiful sightseeing area in Kanagawa. And we will also introduce other areas in Japan.

"My favorite Japan" is not a travel information web site. So, we also introduce ordinary scenes of daily lives of Japanese. It is our happiness if foreigners who come to Japan inspired by our website can have good memories. It is our pleasure to hear such stories while drinking a cup of Japanese green tea.

Please enjoy our site.

This site is operated by Japan Culture Club (JYXYER Group).