About us

I love photography, love Kanagawa history, love Japanese samurai and love to make good fortune calligraphy.

When I express the names of foreigners as Japanese kanji, I choose carefully the meaning of the words, choose the lucky numbers and the words of celebration, and name them. So far, the foreigners who named Japanese kanji by me are very proud of their names and live confidently. It is my pleasure to hear that.

My pseudonym is "Kodo 康道". 
The meaning "Ko康" is "being safe, peaceful without accidents or suffering", and "do道" is the road people pass, but at the same time, it means the law that people should protect, and the principle of the universe. This number of the pseudonym is my favorite because it is fortunate for both myself and others.

My ancestors more than 400 years ago were not Kanagawa, but they were samurai in the Kanto region. From time to time, I might post about that in this blog.

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