January 10 to June 30, 2020. Hakone transforms into the world of Evangelion.

The NERV headquarters at Lake Ashi, red hot water after the Second Impact, Lance of Longinus. And Evangelion characters appear throughout the Hakone area. GET a special rare item by collecting 14 stamps in the Hakone area. You are in the world of Evangelion, even for 90 minutes from Tokyo to Hakone.
See the Evangelion special edition of web magazine "Hakone Sans-façon".

The first movie released in 2011 that made fans of the world enthusiastic. Song:"A Cruel Angel's Thesis"

"Shin Evangelion theater version of" the year 2020 on June 27, the public

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Within Evangelion there might be religious proper names and stories. However, it is only fiction and this work is not intended for any religion, any ethnicity, any nationality.