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An example of Shinto神道

Today, a team member has done the Jichinsai for constucting new house.

The Jichinsai ceremony (地鎮祭 a ceremony of sanctifying ground) enshrines the guardian deity of the land before the construction work begins, and obtains permission to use the land. bambooes are set up at the four corners of the land, surrounded by a lanyard to form a festival hall, and under the priesthood as the lord of the land, it is performed in the presence of construction contractors, designers, and owners. In some cases, it is held in a tent with a red and white banner. The altar is facing south or east, and is served rice, sake, fish, vegetables, salt, water, and other offerings.

There are two religions in Japan: Shinto and Buddhism. Buddhism has the concept of heaven and hell, similar to Western monotheism. However, Shinto does not have the concept, but hates “Kegare (impurities)”. It is a ritual that cleanses the impurities and cleans new land and homes.

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